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Being Games Development company, we had to survive in huge Marketing world. Incredibly expensive music, forced us to start composing and graphic design salaries made us learn the photoshop.

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Games Development

Flashing back to 2007 when our dream was to create innovative, simple styled games of future. The activity we never left behind.

Cyber Security

We've written our first Cyber Security book. "I am You - it means, how to get access to any account in the Internet".

Seo Marketing

Knowing the Seo Marketing insides, we have followed the trend of making people famous in Social Media.

Ugly - The World is

Adventure horror game - Coming in 2020

Become Famous in Social Media!

We can't make mistakes while working with Google Adsense, iTunes and Facebook. Our strategies were created for people having dreams of getting monetized on Youtube, who wants to start a career on Instagram or for podcasters that are not in TOP20 in their category YET... Check that Contact Button below to get more info

Because Now... You are a Developer

Looking for Games Development experience? Write games with us! With pre-made complete game source codes, you can make any type of game within minutes! You don't have to spend your time on basics. Jump right to what gives you real fun in creating your story!

Looking for the strongest security knowledge?

"I am You". Isn't it scary? Becoming any living person you could think of? Checking their photos, knowing their messages, living their life and spending their money... Someone could become YOU as well... Secure yourself. Read the book.

We are not that bad!

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