About Games Development

Before Computer Science's course, I spent one year in BSc Games Development for (2017-2018). Without being challenged from gaming community I passed the year to start making Cyber Security thing. I have started making games as an eight years old and since then - The hobby made me a living for a while.

I am also an active Unity Assets Creator. More than hundreds sold copies and files within the Unity Assetstore, Codester, Youtube and GameDev Market gave me the 5 stars rating overall.

I am also a 5 stars rated Client in Upwork freelancing service. I was hiring people for smaller fixes or massive functionality implementations. It had teached me to be a good leader and to communicate with people nicely and clearly.

Contact Details

Marcin Ciepiel
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

E-mail: marcin AT ciepiel.com

Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge

BSc. Games Development 2017-2018

Even tho creating games for University wasn't the thing - I've learned a lot... And got access to the music room, that I wouldn't been able to use on Computer Science course.


Orbital Knight - Publisher (Voodoo)

Author: Marcin Ciepiel Since: March - Present


After Rotate Me success, much bigger studio gave me a chance of understanding the gaming work. Since March, I am creating around 2 conceptual games monthly for Orbital Knight. Casual testing concepts, checking valuablitity and once it gets a good rating - Voodoo takes it.

Rotate Me [Mobile Game] 2020

Developer: Sample Text Game Release: Mar 2020


Rotate Me is a hyper casual game, made within my: "ME" games series. It has achieved more than 500 players within first week with around 11k views on Youtube.


Block Me [Mobile Game] 2019

Developer: Sample Text Game Release: Dec 2019


MCGameStudios is now Sample Text. Block Me is another hyper casual game from the: "ME" series. It has achieved more than 1000 players within first week with around 25k views on Youtube.


2D Sandbox 2017-2019

Developer: MCGameStudios Game Project: 2017-2019


[2D Sandbox] was a great Unity Assetstore Success with more than 350 sales within 2 months only. Being rated as a 5 Star project it made me thinking of releasing my own games again. 2D Sandbox is a Survival, Co-Op Sandbox, open world game YET: very simple one.

Read More: CLICK HERE.

Selling Projects 2014-2020

Developer: MCGameStudios Lot of projects.


The time to start taking a profit on projects I've made before. Making games was a wonderful hobby, but not very profitable with game releases. Selling projects to other develoeprs was one way of treating Games Development as a work.

[Basement The Horror] 2014

Developer: MCGameStudios Game Project: 2014


Basement - The Horror. Just a joke idea to make players go up and down on stairs with some story in the background. Following SCP-games structure, I have ended with horror game made within 12 hours of development. Top 12 on IndieDB for 6 months - it's still bugged.


[Invisible World] 2013

Developer: MCGameStudios Game Project: 2017-2019


First, huge project. More than 3000 online players weekly due to the successful youtube advertisement campaign for: Because Now... You are a developer slogan. Unfortunately, Windows Update had deleted all my backups and files in 2013 November. Never give up and make backups!


McGames -> MCGameStudios (2007-2013)

Developer: MCGames Game Project: 2007-2013


I was just a kid interested in making very own RPG game like: Metin2. Going through: Game Maker, TGF2 and Unreal Engine... The Unity had became my last choice. I was also making websites, graphics, music and videos just not to look for outsourcing.

First website: CLICK HERE.