Making everything as easy as it's possible gave us opportunity to shine in the Game Dev Assetstores. Complete Games ready to buy and release, give you opportunity to become great developer without spending too much time on basics!

Start developing your products using our Source Codes! It was never that easy! Choose your way of creating: no-coding or coding projects... Yes, you don't have to know any programming language... We have done everything for you!

We've lost everything

Having more than 3000 weekly players in MultiPlayer FPS Shooter [Invisible World] we have lost all files right before Christmas. No backups and no recovery.

Being TOP 12 in IndieDB

We've made 16 hours Horror Game project. [Basement - The Horror] was full of bugs and was developed only in 16 hours straight. Even with that - we've reached the TOP.

Announcing BIG projects

[2D Sandbox] was great Assetstore Success, but now it's time to release the real game. Announcing sad story adventure game called: Ugly - The World is.

Ugly - The World Is.

Not only open-source, but also trurely cruel and depressing story... ssss

That's us!

Maybe it's not much... But it's honest work