About Cyber Security Career

You're receiving a message from your friend asking you to share his picture on your Facebook wall and... Bang! Your account has been stolen. Everyone can read your messages, check your private photos and even get access to your email with everything YOU have access to. The question is... Do you know how to secure yourself? Learn security by knowing how its made... From behind the scenes.

I am studying a Computer Science (BEng) in Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. I have chosen specialisation in Cyber Security with my Final Project: Novel Cryptographic algorithm for the image encryption.

I have written a book named: I am You, which describes 15 different hacking stories told by our Hacker - Thomas Glicki. Self-Published, sold more than 100 copies within the first week. Huge controversy around the subject of letting people know - insides of the Hacker's mind.

Book's Website: Jestem TobÄ… - Click Here

Contact Details

Marcin Ciepiel
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

E-mail: marcin AT ciepiel.com

Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge

B.Eng. Computer Science - Cyber Security May 2021

My University knowledge is based on: Ethical Hacking, Operating Systems, Advanced Networking, Data Storage in Systems, Unix/Linux security hacking, NetLab+, Cloud Services and software scripting: C++, C#, PHP, SQL, Python and Javascript.


Ciepiel's Cross Cryptography

Author: Marcin Ciepiel Published: June 2020


By questioning one of the Youtube's quizes, I've found the unknown mathematical sum pattern and continuous algorithm. I made a challenge and proved it being useful in image cryptography and file compression for up to 25% of the file size (yet). Research is available once being asked by e-mail.

I am You - Hacker's Book

Author: Thomas Glicki Published: March 2020


Going back to 2017, I have decided to write a book showing hacker's background and thinking to access any account in the Internet. It's the hacker's perspective story. Story of his life and how he was getting all the information he ever aimed for. The best security knowledge is by knowing what happens behind the scenes, so attackers couldn't use the same techniques never again. Published in 2020 made huge controversy and achieved plenty positive reviews from readers.